Big Blue Swim School

Branding, Marketing

Chris DeJong
Co-Founder & CMO Big Blue Swim School

We looked at national brands and wanted to look as professional as they do, so we knew we needed to get better. We were looking for something that made our brand look fun but sophisticated. I’m critical of people’s design instincts and wanted to make sure that whomever we worked with aligned with my personal aesthetic.

I had seen a lot of Lana’s prior work and reached out to her. We clicked. I tell people all the time that only Lana and my wife have my creative proxy. I have comments about what Lana does and I ask questions, but I put a great deal of trust in her.

Lana has impeccable taste, is always able to give constructive feedback and is great to work with. There are so many examples of her contributions to our marketing efforts beyond branding. Lana helps me better understand the customer and helps us make better decisions across all our marketing platforms.

One big example is that she said we needed to develop an illustrative representation of the brand. That was something I had never thought about and I’m glad that she thought of it for me.

Careful branding and design are vital to any brand. Just look at Apple. It helped them become one of the biggest companies in the world.

Now we get compliments all the time from customers on the graphic look of our brand. You want your brand to resonate with your customers and with your partners. First impressions are so important. When our business partners walk into our facilities, they are always blown away in comparison to other brands in the market.

You can see the value of good design.